Stand For Liberty MN

Do you have a passion for liberty?

Are you tired of Government tyranny?

Are you looking for a way to become involved?

Stand For Liberty MN is looking for people to stand with us against corruption, tyranny, and injustice. Whether it’s city councils, school boards, commissioners, or any other elected positions, we need liberty-minded candidates to fill them.

It’s imperative that we remind our elected servants that the United States Constitution restricts the government, and not We The People.

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Latest from the Blog

Lisa Hanson for State Senate

Isn’t she the lady who owned the Interchange Wine & Coffee Bistro? Isn’t she the lady who opened her business against the Governors emergency order? Isn’t she the lady who went to jail for defying the state mandate during COVID-19? Yes, yes and yes. So, ask yourself, who did she do this for? She did…

Freeborn County Bond Issue

Several weeks ago, a petition regarding a $14 million bond for repair to several county buildings was circulated. The petition was asking that this bond be added as a referendum vote on the November ballot. The bond which was already approved by the County Commissioners seemed to be over-inflated on many aspects. Unfortunately, due to…

Tribute to Lisa Hanson

I have witnessed many comments and understand that many people believe that Lisa Hanson got what she deserved, however, the sentence she received was both ridiculous and excessive. Did she open her business against the governors executive order?  Yes, she never denied that. She made a choice to open her business and gave others a…