Stand For Liberty MN

Do you have a passion for liberty?

Are you tired of Government tyranny?

Are you looking for a way to become involved?

Stand For Liberty MN is looking for people to stand with us against corruption, tyranny, and injustice. Whether it’s city councils, school boards, commissioners, or any other elected positions, we need liberty-minded candidates to fill them.

It’s imperative that we remind our elected servants that the United States Constitution restricts the government, and not We The People.

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Freeborn County Sheriffs Candidate Forum

First ever forum of this type and its coming to FREEBORN County so everyone gets to know the candidates and what they stand for and what they would like to see different within our Sheriffs Department. MARK YOUR CALENDAR for JULY 22

We The People

By Christopher Penrod The United States of America is at its most dangerous point in history thus far. Consider exactly how large and far-reaching the federal and state governments and their power have become. Consider our system of checks and balances between the three separate and distinct branches of government, the Executive branch, the LegislativeContinue reading “We The People”