Stand For Liberty MN

Do you have a passion for liberty?

Are you tired of Government tyranny?

Are you looking for a way to become involved?

Stand For Liberty MN is looking for people to stand with us against corruption, tyranny, and injustice. Whether it’s city councils, school boards, commissioners, or any other elected positions, we need liberty-minded candidates to fill them.

It’s imperative that we remind our elected servants that the United States Constitution restricts the government, and not We The People.

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Latest from the Blog

‘Unforgiveable’ $10,000 penalty is nullified

Minnesota Department of Health v MLH Enterprises, LLC ​ In January of 2021, the Minnesota Department of Health (“MDH”) assessed MLH Enterprises, LLC what is termed an “unforgivable administrative penalty” in the amount of $10,000 for failure to comply with governor Walz’s executive order prohibiting on-site, indoor consumption of food and beverages. MLH Enterprises, LLC…

County Sheriff Attempts to Revoke Concealed Carry Permit and ‘Doinks’!

Melissa Hanson received a letter from the Freeborn County Sheriff, Kurt Freitag, asserting that Hanson was ineligible to possess any firearm under federal law 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(2) for the following reason:  Fugitive from justice: There are active warrants for your arrest from Freeborn County, MN. Charging you with: Public Nuisance-Annoy/Injure/Endanger Safety, 609.74(1) and 12.45…

State attempt to revoke liquor license is rebuffed

As a part of Governor Tim Walz’s draconian efforts to enforce his targeted shutdown of Minnesota businesses by executive order, he employed the use of every agency at his disposal. One such effort involved the use of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (“Department”), a state agency that among other duties is responsible for enforcing…