About Us

How it Began

Our story began with the Hanson family, who decided to open and run a small business in downtown Albert Lea.

Lisa Hanson her son Patrick and his wife Joy created a bistro with food, beverage, and live entertainment called The Interchange.

The Interchange was a family-owned and operated business dedicated to providing a relaxed, fun, and gourmet experience. 

They provided a space for friends to meet, for local artists to display and sell their work, and for local performers to entertain the community.

When Covid-19 hit and the government made the tyrannical decision to shut down small businesses, Lisa and her family knew it was wrong. In defiance of governmental overreach, Lisa and her family made the decision to remain open, going against the unconstitutional executive orders and mandates.

Lisa is now facing both civil and criminal charges and her business, The Interchange, has been all but destroyed.

It was that very governmental overreach and destruction of small business in America that laid the foundation for Stand For Liberty MN. We couldn’t sit back and watch ELECTED SERVANTS make unilateral decisions about who was allowed to make a living and who was not.

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