Did you know the new Freeborn County Government Center–The $26million dollar court house and jail—has a leaky roof and lots of other problems and the former county board relied on one firm for that project?

Did you know the current County Board now wants to bond (that means BORROW) almost $14million dollars to fix it, put in LED lights and repair and build other county stuff, and the majority of this county board again voted to use one firm to assess problems, bid and be the general contractor for the projects?

Did you know that firm’s estimates as listed in the newspaper (iflated to over $13million) is being allowed to not use competitive bidding, and local businesses aren’t being asked to bid on all the projects?

Did you know that the Freeborn County voters can ask for a referendum to be on this November’s ballot to stop the county board from borrowing nearly $14million dollars?

It’s your money taxpayers, we need signatures this week!

Go to A-Best Sew & Vac, 2720 Bridge Ave, by Applebees and Hy-Vee here in Albert Lea, MN and sign the petition to ask for a referendum today!

February 7, 2022 – Objection to Void Order to Show Cause And Response to Show Cause.

January 14, 2022 – Order to Show Cause

December 9th, 2021 – Sentencing for 24-CR-21-137

This is from the sentencing portion of Lisa’s trial. An argument is made by Albert Lea City Attorney Kelly Dawn Martinez as to how Lisa should be sentenced and why she should receive that sentencing.
Lisa is then allowed an opportunity to speak about her sentencing.
Judge Bueltel give a haughty speech about how he, ‘knows Lisa’s state of mind,’ and that he recognizes she is a political protestor but that he was punishing her to send an example to the people that the Governors Executive orders have the force of law and that defying those executive orders a punishable offense.

It’s important to see that City Attorney Kelly Dawn Martinez asked for 10 days jail time a $500 fine and a year of probation.
Judge Bueltel determined this wasn’t good enough and gave Lisa the maximum penalties that he was allowed to give.

December 14, 2021 – Writ of Habeas Corpus Submitted to Courts



Lisa was found guilty on all six counts. She was sentenced to 90 days in jail and maximum fines. We want everyone to know, Lisa was in good spirits and exceptionally thankful for all the support she has received throughout the duration of this. They were able to hold a quick prayer session before Lisa was taken into custody. Just because she has been found guilty doesn’t mean that this fight is over. As for the Farewell Interchange event that was scheduled from 4pm-7pm today…Stand For Liberty MN had a lot going on and things just didn’t pan out the way they were intended. Stay tuned in the coming days for more updates. We will keep everyone in the know as much as possible. Thanks again for all your support and prayers.

A Message From Lisa Hanson:

Dear Friends, 

I’m attaching the most recent document, titled ‘Objection to Proceedings and Notice of Legal Issues/Defense’, for your reading enjoyment. But seriously, this is an amazing and profound document which lays out the violations, and there are many, in regards to the criminal cases against me. This document has been filed on the court and is now public.

I encourage you to read the story this document tells. It is not only a personal factual story of my legal situation but it also describes what is happening across our country in regards to the judicial branch as well as the executive branch vs the People. This document is enourmously weighty in constitutional, legal and common law rights violations.

This is an account of government run amuck against the very people they are supposed to serve. This account of violations has been on the record for months and has not been addressed by anyone. I will be going into pre trial, with this as my guide, to hold the judge, the prosecuting attorney, and the state to account. 

Please pray for God to move in my favor. The judge is absolutely corrupt but God can turn his heart. Pray that the cases are dismissed/thrown out as they should be. There is no other lawful action other than the cases be thrown out. You will understand why once you begin reading the document. Pray for wisdom, discernment, and peace for myself and those on our team as well as confusion in the enemy’s camp.  Pray that this document sets precedent and turns the tide for the People of this nation. 

Thousands of hours, collectively, have been poured into this legal fight. Ask for God’s blessings on our efforts.

Please share this document with all. We must expose the corruption and make truth known to save our Republic, for our children and grandchildren. This is for them.

Thank you for your prayers. 

States Notice of Motions and Motions in Limine – Submitted by Albert Lea City Attorney Kelly Dawn Martinez.

This document has been submitted to the courts by Kelly Dawn Martinez (KDM) and is an attempt to seek an order from the court that grants several things outlined in the document.
KDM has included instructions for how prospective jury members are to be questioned or not questioned. Items 1-16 below outline what KDM is asking for. Pay special attention to #7 in the document which is asking for a court order that forbids Lisa from discussing the constitutionality of Gov. Walz executive orders as well as the jurisdiction of the court.

Lisa Hanson Objection to Motions in Limine

Lisa Hanson submits Notice of Demurrer and Motions for Continuance of Trial.

State submits Notice of Motion and Motion

Notice by Attorney or Party

The state objects to media coverage of the trial, despite Lisa Hanson giving consent for media coverage.

Lisa files General and Specific Objections and Exceptions to Prosecutorial Proffer of Exhibits for introduction as Evidence.

Judge submits order denying defendants (Lisa Hanson) pretrial motions to dismiss.