We Need Three Things: Your Time, Your Skills, and Your Money!

If you can’t give us all three? We will settle for one!

GoFund Me!

On December 16, the owner of The Interchange, Lisa Hanson, chose to defy Governor Walz and his unlawful and unconstitutional edicts, which closed indoor dinning for restaurants across Minnesota, depleting their revenue by up to 90% and more.

This GoFundMe has been set up in response to dozens of requests from supporters and will be used to cover any/all legal fees that will ensue from this pushback against unlawful and unconstitutional government edicts.

Cash donations have already been pouring in with patrons and patriots alike supporting the legal effort. If you wish to support this cause directly and in person, please stop into The Interchange where you can donate directly to the effort!

Help make this a movement of The People! One voice might make a difference… But THOUSANDS OF VOICES WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

“As we move forward with this fight, we are pursuing assistance of council every step of the way. Decisions are not being made lightly and seasoned law groups are currently working on our case.

This movement is not simply about opening our businesses back up, no, this quickly became a fight for liberties and freedoms of ‘We The People’. Constitutional liberties and freedoms belonging to Minnesotans and all those across our great nation are being stripped away. It’s time to stand and take back what rightfully belongs to ‘We The People’.

We will continue this fight for the great state of Minnesota and the nation as a whole. Please watch this Page and our fb page for updates.”

-Lisa Hanson