Freeborn County Bond Issue

Several weeks ago, a petition regarding a $14 million bond for repair to several county buildings was circulated. The petition was asking that this bond be added as a referendum vote on the November ballot. The bond which was already approved by the County Commissioners seemed to be over-inflated on many aspects.

Unfortunately, due to the time constraints to get this petition filed, there were not enough signatures acquired. However, it did gain some momentum. The County Commissioners were able to re-evaluate and lower the bond amount from $14 million to $11 million.

Thank you to the residents of Freeborn County who signed the petition and also to the Freeborn County Commissioners for listening to the residents and for your reconsideration of the issue.

Thanks again for serving Freeborn County well!

Jacki Stene

Stand for Liberty MN

Letter to the Editor/Albert Lea Tribune – submitted 7/15/2022, published 7/19/2022

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