Tribute to Lisa Hanson

I have witnessed many comments and understand that many people believe that Lisa Hanson got what she deserved, however, the sentence she received was both ridiculous and excessive.

Did she open her business against the governors executive order?  Yes, she never denied that. She made a choice to open her business and gave others a choice as well. She did not force anyone to enter her business nor was anyone harmed in doing so. She simply gave a choice. Did she break the law? Do your own research on that issue and decide for yourselves.

I have had the pleasure to get to know Lisa personally over the last several months and she is an intelligent, graceful, loving and kind human being. One of the most giving individuals I have ever met in my entire life. She is a wife, mother to 8 great kids, grandmother to 10 adorable grandchildren and an upstanding member of this community. Lisa is not a criminal and should not be spending Christmas behind bars.

Unfortunately another local business, this quaint little coffee shop, The Interchange Wine and Coffee Bistro is closing it’s doors permanently. Lisa’s fight is no longer about The Interchange. She is standing up for our liberties and freedoms. She is fighting for each one of us, our children, grandchildren and for future generations.

As Lisa’s friend, I will continue fighting for our rights and freedoms. I am doing this for my kids and grandkids because this USA is supposed to be a free country where we are given choices. I am tired of sitting on my hands and doing nothing. People say that we are beating a dead horse. Well, let’s wake up that horse and take a stand!  I will not be complacent and I will never give up!!

Please pray for the Hanson family for strength and grace during this Christmas Season.

Liberty and justice for all!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Tribute to Lisa Hanson

  1. Anyone who thinks she got what she deserved should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. She has equal protections and a constitutional right to earn a living. In fact, the misconduct is among those businesses who followed an unconstitutional executive order based on emergency powers that do not exist for an emergency that was declared on fraudulent grounds. It may come as a shock to many middle and upper middle class proponents of of covid mitigation policies with occupations that have no physical demands beyond extension of their pointer finger that your liberty was hard fought for, did not come with a lifetime guarantee, and is not ensured by anyone other than yourself. As an American, you are obligated to hold any and all authority accountable… not blindly comply while your neighbors get steamrolled. If you are dumb enough to believe the government prevented this woman from conducting business for her own safety, disregard this comment. your allegiance is non contributory as you are completely and utterly useless.


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